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How they show up on Facebook thumbnails.

Yeah, got nothing else to post ad am bored.

Criticism of the Paleo Diet

Hi, XYZ. Your diet caught my eye because it is a polar opposite of my own in just about every way.  I believe that Paleo supporters may miss one important fact about human digestion - it lies somewhere between herbivore and carnivore. No cud chewing or second stomach to break down leaves and grasses. But, no abbreviated 10 foot tract to prevent the putrefaction of meat either. IMHO, our compromise of a digestive tract evolved so that humans could handle whatever they came across as scavengers, beach-combers, hunters-gatherers and so on. But, that does not mean that meat and leaves are ideal for human digestion, just that our digestion is a middle ground to handle both extremes to some moderate degree. Foods that digest best over that middle range digestive tract are probably best for humans. Those foods happen to be grains, nuts, root vegetables, fruits and legumes. They best fit those middle-ground omnivorous digestive tracts. Animal products and leaves and grasses are the worst end of things- our digestion compromised to handle them, but both are inefficiently and poorly processed. Not sure if there are studies of the negative effects of putrefying meat and undigested leaves in human digestion beyond praise of insoluble fiber. Just my opinion derived from personal experience and some degree of casual research and knowledge.


A few selfies with new phone.

Face Your Fears-

What if every attractive person meant to contrast with the main character of a film, television show or your life was a fashion model?

In this image, a vaguely attractive Jack LaLanne fitness archetype is replaced with super-attractive fashion model Douglas Booth.

Match the Artwork with the Maker

Choices are (A) Elephant, (B) Computer, (C) 5 Year Old, and (D) Fine Artiste

Used clipart for a few of the above choices when laziness prevented sketching each one out.

Google for Mobile

CHanging the LightBulb

Glimpse of the Divine

Motion Picture Cameras and Yeats

Yeats is referring to his sense of anxiety over the growing use and popularity of the film camera when he speaks of a ‘gaze, blank and pitiless as the sun' in The Second Coming, written in 1921, just as the film industry was taking off.

A camera can be a pitiless way to document someone, as opposed to a portrait painting, which is entirely different.

Perhaps he was extremely camera shy.


Digital Archival Metal Sculpted Draft Wape

Those who claim that the brain gives rise to consciousness and that there is nothing mysterious about it do not understand consciousness, have not looked long enough to see what makes it so different from the physical world.

Obscure Music

Man listens to musician sing while asleep - he hears truly unknown, obscure music and sounds!

Red Light District

Throne Room With Advisors

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